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"Buffy, you’re not in an institution. You have never been in an institution." "Yes, I have."

#this is probably the most unsettling episode of any show ever  #because youve been made to completely believe in this world  #you trust these characters  #you love the story lines and hate some others  #and awful things happen and so do good  #this character has been torn down and built back up  #unless  #this is the truth  #nothing was real and its all in her head  #because then everything is for nothing  #youve watched and obsessed over SEASONS of this show  #and all of it could be fake  #its the most ingenius little episode because now there will forever be this voice in your head that wonders if that show you consider your favorite even had anything real and true  #its never even confirmed whats the truth  #this episode  #or the rest of the show  #in the end youre forced to make the same decision as Buffy  #shes sane and the show really happened in that universe  #because otherwise some part of you feels wronged and betrayed (via doyoureallybelievethatpercy​)

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bish whet?

i need to step my game up

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